Trusts in Seychelles are governed by the Seychelles International Trusts Act of 1994 as mended from time to time. Seychelles Law is one of the best in Trust for the protection of property.

A trust is not an entity but a specific legal relationship, which is widely recognised in common law jurisdictions. By means of a Trust the owner of certain asset (Settlor) transfers these assets to an independent third party (Trustee). The Trustee is legally bound to maintain and manage these assets for the benefit of another person or group of persons (Beneficiaries).

Seychelles International Trusts are deemed to be irrevocable by default but revocable trusts are also permitted.

The Act specifically provides for the following types of trusts:

  • International Trusts
  • Charitable International Trusts
  • Purpose International Trusts
  • Other Trusts that are specifically referred to the Act

Advantages of Seychelles Trusts include tax exemption in Seychelles, low cost of trust formation and administration (when compared to other similar jurisdictions) and geographically and culturally the Seychelles is an ideal trust platform for the Afro-Asian international markets.

In Seychelles International law, a Seychelles International trust is exempt from taxation on income, assets, capital gains or stamp duties. It also applies to income or gains arising from distributions from Seychelles IBCs or other Seychelles offshore vehicles authorised by the FSA.

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